Odessa Keros


Half sister to the best horse of the century, grand slam winner Hello Sanctos! Next stop, the top

Challenge the Future with Odessa Keros.

Allow us to introduce you the father of this filly, ASB Conquistador (born as Bush van de Heffinck). Conquistador might not immediately ring a bell to you. But When we tell you that Conquistador is a stallion by Clinton x Heartbreaker, jumped 1.60m himself , produced in his breeding career only around 40 products, 50% of his products are competing on at least 1.40 Level and on the latest World Equestrian Games in Tryon, 2 products, Oaks Redwood and Yandoo Oaks Constellation were in the finals, maybe the bell starts ringing now.

But hold on, let us tell you one more thing, a dozen of these 40 products are not older than 6 years old. When we bring math into breeding this means that 70% of his offspring are at least 1.40 jumpers.

If you think the story ends here, we didn’t even start talking about the mother of this filly.  The direct mother is also the mother of the only horse who ever won a grand slam in showjumping, Hello Sanctos, probably the best Horse of the century…

We think no more words are needed, next stop, … the TOP!