Udo van ‘t Meulenhof


The scope and mentality of Lector combined with Carthina Z is a one way ticket to success!

Emerald, Diamanthina, Ilusionata, Nixon v/h Meulenhof and THIS stunning colt Udo van’t Meulenhof, they all have one thing in common, it’s their
Mother, Carthina Z. We can say it best with the words of Harrie Smolders himself: “What Carthina Z has already produced, has never been seen before, every stallion suits her.”

Who are we to doubt these wise words of the living legend Harrie Smolders who successfully competed at Olympic level with Emerald and has now the
future star Nixon under his saddle. Both Emerald and Nixon are half brothers of this sire to be, Udo.

Udo’s father, Lector van den Bisschop is a Bamako the Muze directly out of the best breeding mare of 2020, Cordula de Laubry, this For Pleasure mare
has given the whopping amount of 13 products that jump at least 1.45m level.

The scope and mentality of lector combined with the proven pedigree of Carthina Z, is a one way ticket to success.