Ursus van de Kapelhoeve


Elini is brave as hell, Emerald jumps the sky, Ursus is the perfect balance

Would you like to upgrade your string of sport horses, then this light-footed Sire, Ursus van de Kapelhoeve, is the first step in the right direction. Father is the Olympic stallion Emerald van t Ruytershof who is on his way to become even better in his breeding program than he was in his sport career. And what a career he had.

2nd mother Walisca v/h Costersveld only gave birth to 3 products, two of them jumped on the highest level. One of them is Elini v/h costersveld, mother to Ursus. Elini was a top competitive 1.45-1.50m horse with the most important victories in the GP of Knokke and Beervelde with Pieter Vandierendonck holding the reins. Elini’s half sister is Dior v/h Costersveld who competed successfully on a 1.60m level.