This week … direct daughter by Walnut de Muze, Cordula de Laubry and Gin Flip de Muze himself at Equbreeding.auction

Presumably the best collection of the year. The team at Equbreeding.auction faces a challenging task, aiming to match the success of last year. In 2022, the Belgian auction house sold Das Machine EQ Z. This year, the organization presents a collection where each lot tries to surpass the other!

The collection offers a wide range, including two embryos, 14 foals, and 10 ridden horses. There’s something for everyone, as quality is found for stallion owners, breeders, riders, and investors!

Stallion owners and investors, take note!

In the offering, you’ll find some approved stallions! The standout is the promising six-year-old, Gin Flip de Muze. This young stallion covered nearly 100 mares this year alone, and his first offspring, now 2 years old, show a lot of potential. Also, the winner of the Belgian Stallion Competition, the five-year-old El Cid Z, will change ownership on Tuesday, September 12.

Straight to competition!

If the focus is on a sports career, you can head straight to the competition with the five-year-old Emerald son, Il Vient de Ceran. This impressive jumping horse also comes from the damline of Ermitage Kalone! Ciana Blue Ps also promises a sports career. The dappled gray mare will undoubtedly make her mark in the future at the Grand Prix level!

Boost for breeding!

Are you looking for something exclusive? The foundation for a beautiful equestrian future? Then the collection boasts some exceptional foals and embryos!

Conthinka O2 Z is your last chance to get a direct daughter of Diamanthina van ‘t Ruytershof!

Billion di Pao is an exceptional foal, being the son of the World Cup horse, Prunella d’Ariel!

Nurburgring Bee is a direct son of Werly Chin de Muze!

Almond BB EQ Z is a direct daughter of Walnut de Muze.

Furthermore, there is a future direct daughter of Cordula de Laubry, the world’s number one mare!

Going for the Looks

If pedigree is important but looks are equally so, your eye will undoubtedly be drawn to Amor EQ St Hubertushoeve, a spotted foal with sire Ermitage Kalone, or Acordula JVH EQ Z, a palomino foal from the motherline of Cordula de Laubry. Hemerald vd Paepehoeve EQ Z, the brother of Emerald, and Das Machine EQ Z will also captivate your dreams.

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